Weekly Golf Tip with JC Bacon PGA Professional at Los Lagos Golf Club

This weeks tip from PGA Golf Professional JC Bacon

Side hill lies:

Unfortunately we sometimes find ourselves in a side hill lie.  If the ball is above your feet, remember a couple of things to help you hit this shot.  The ball will tend to go to the left(right hand players) off this lie so aim to your right.  Also the ball is closer to you so you might want to choke down on the club to avoid hitting behind the ball.  A ball below your feet, the ball will tend to go to the right, and is further away from you.  Try to use as much of the club as possible, and if you need to bend your knees to get closer to the ball, please do that.

Any questions on this tip or any part of your game, contact your local LPGA or PGA professional.  Until next time, may your lies always be level.

Until next time, JC Bacon, PGA Professional