Tip of the week Uphill/Downhill lies:
Similar to last weeks tip on side hill lies, sometimes we find ourselves with a down hill or up hill lie.  The easiest of the two is the up hill, it usually is going to get up in the air much easier, however, many times it gets up too high, therefore, costing some distance.  So for example, if you have an up hill 135 yard shot, normally a 7 iron, you might want to try at least a 6 iron, maybe a 5 depending on how severe the lie is.  The breeze has a bit to do with club selection also, down wind, maybe an 8 iron, into the wind most likely the 5 iron.
Down hill lies are more difficult, because it is much harder to get the ball airborne.  I would not suggest trying to hit a hybrid or fairway metal on this shot due to the lack of loft on these two clubs.  I would try 6, 7 or 8 iron to make sure the ball gets in the air, to advance the ball as far as possible toward the hole.  On both of these shots, there is a constant fundamental:
Keep your body and weight distribution at the same angle as the hill.  If you try to keep your stance like a normal shot, you will find yourself swinging into the hill on the uphill, causing the ball to have a knuckle ball effect and not going very far.  Down hill shots you will find yourself hitting behind the ball more often if you do not line up your address at the same angle of the hill.
For any questions on this tip or any part of your game, contact your local PGA or LPGA Professional.
Until next time, may your lies be level
JC Bacon, PGA Professional,
Los Lagos Golf Course.